Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hello fellow Cream Tea lovers!

I am quite partial to a cream tea. I tend to have one whenever I go to a teashop, as most people would. However, I actively seek out teashops, never pass one without going in, and have been known to plan whole holidays around teashop visits. Proximity to a good teashop has even governed my house-buying choices! I wouldn't call myself a food critic, or particularly an expert on cooking or baking, but I do know a good cream tea when I see (or eat) one. I certainly know what I like - which features make me think 'Yes! I've made the right choice here' when the waiter or waitress brings the cream tea, and which make my heart sink. In the early days of my relationship with my now-husband, I took him to some teashops, ostensibly for a nice afternoon out, but also to gauge his reactions to the quintessential cream tea. Thankfully, he passed the 'tests' and has proved to be as much of a cream tea lover as I am. You could say we go together like jam and clotted cream!

I am writing this blog to share with you our cream tea adventures around the world - we're mainly based in the UK, but when we go abroad, we do seek out a cream tea, for completeness' sake, of course - and to share the best (and worst) places in which to engage in that most English and comforting of past-times, the indulgence in a cream tea. Of course, you may not agree with our comments or scoring criteria, but I hope that you might be encouraged to partake in a cream tea every now and then.

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